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A Brief Explanation of Levels in USA Gymnastics

I’ve had several parents lately ask me what it means to be a level __, so this week I’m going to go through the levels (for both boys and girls) and discuss what is needed for each. But first, an … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of Airborne Rotation

Gymnastics is essentially the physical expression of biomechanical theories; in fact, there are a some skills in this sport (the Tkatchev on bars being the most well-known example) which were, so the story goes, dreamed up not by gymnasts, but … Continue reading

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The Lingo of the Gym

As is the case with practitioners of any self-respecting profession, we coaches have developed our own lingo. This allows us to communicate more effectively with each other and with our athletes, and just as importantly, allows us to sound more … Continue reading

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Handstands: Part 2

I previously discussed the importance of the handstand in skill development, and I mentioned that a very common problem with handstands is a shoulder angle and arched back caused by a lack of shoulder flexibility. In this issue, we’ll look … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Apex Technical Corner (also: handstands, Pt. 1)

Hello, all, coach Jeremy here. Welcome to my lair…. bwahahahahahaha *ahem* This blog is primarily aimed at Apex Gymnasts and parents, though I welcome anybody who happens to be interested in the content. My primary goal with this blog is … Continue reading

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