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Gymnastics at home, Part 2: Flexibility

Flexibility is, obviously, a very important part of any gymnast’s training, and probably the most useful thing for a gymnast to train at home. It can be done safely with little or no equipment, and many stretches can even be … Continue reading

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Gymnastics at Home: Part 1

Odds are if you’re a parent and you’re reading this blog, your kid probably loves gymnastics. He probably practices at home. Perhaps you, like my parents, signed your kid up for gymnastics because he was already vaulting over the sofa. … Continue reading

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Wanted: Topic Requests

No real update for this week — send in your questions, topic requests, etc!

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Bars in Depth: Casting

The cast is one of the first skills many kids learn on bars. It is absolutely crucial in the development of back hip circles, clearhip circles (and any backwards in-bar skill, for that matter), and giants. This week, we’ll be … Continue reading

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